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Flea Control Products, Medications, Prescription Food & More

Count on Central Veterinary Clinic for all your pet supply needs! Based in Chilliwack, we’re proud to offer a full range of veterinary care as well as affordable flea control products, medications, prescription food and treats!

Healthy Diets, Healthy Pets

Monitoring your dog or cat’s diet is an important part of caring for a pet. Proper nutrition throughout life can help reduce the risk of several chronic diseases, including diabetes and arthritis. We’re proud to carry Royal Canin MediCAL food as well as products from the Hills Prescription Diet® line. A healthy, balanced diet will help keep your pet playful and active—just how you want it! Visit us in Chilliwack to learn more about healthy pet foods.

The Importance of Flea Control

Keeping your dog or cat free from fleas has a number of health benefits for you and your pet. Pets infested with fleas can develop tapeworms, a serious illness that will require treatment. Pets with untreated flea problems can spread fleas to your home, causing skin irritation and sickness. Dogs and cats require different types of flea control products, so speak to Central Veterinary Clinic in Chilliwack for experienced pet care.

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